Step-by-Step Seller’s Guide


Understanding your property’s potential

It’s easy for an estate agent to give you a wild overestimate for the value of your property, in an attempt to wow you into hiring them. What’s not easy is having an impartial view of your property and understanding where it lies in the local hierarchy of property values. At Square Space Property we take the impartial view. We advise you on changes we think could be game-changing for selling your property, and work with you to ensure it’s marketed in its best light. Not all properties require changes and it’s important to have real time market knowledge to understand this. Thats why as local experts, we advise you on what’s happening within the local area, so that together we can realise your property’s potential.

In an ever-changing market affected by events such as Brexit and Covid-19, sellers have to be reasonable with our price expectations. Only by listening to the market and observing its trends can we get the value of your property just right. Condition, size and location will always carry great weight in a valuation, but in a market affected by external forces, we should always be careful of overvaluing assets. The most important impression is the first impression, and the price of your property may be the first thing buyers see. As local experts, we stand by our valuations. We’re confident in our research, local knowledge, and understanding of the market.


Accepting market conditions & swimming with the tide


Adapt to sell

If you’ve been advised to make any changes to your property and wish to do so, now is the time. We work with trusted local tradesmen to facilitate any works that have been recommended. It’s important to remember that adaptability is key, but if you don’t wish to make any changes to the property, we can include that in the final valuation.

So, we’ve agreed what service you need and signed the contracts. The property is now ready for photographs and marketing! Photos are taken and floor plans drawn up, then our team will write up the details and begin marketing your property on our website and chosen portals. We provide a transparent and easy-to-understand fee structure – our ethos is to charge fairly but to exceed expectations every time. Our sole agency fee is always 1%, and should you wish to invite others onto this journey with us, 1.65% is our multi-agency fee. Additionally, you can work with our partner solicitors, The Partnership Limited, and get ahead of the game by filling out their information forms, cutting days or weeks off the timeline once a buyer has been found.


Getting your property on the market


Sale & Completion

Congratulations, we’ve found a suitable buyer! After viewings and negotiations, a price has been agreed. We’re ready for the transaction to go ahead.

What happens next?

We’ll stand by you from the very beginning all the way through to the end. By working with our solicitors we’ll monitor your transaction carefully and make sure any issues are dealt with right away.

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